All About Flowers is a free floral display designed to bring colour into winter.
Curated by the award winning team at the Royal Botanic Garden Sydney, the display showcases colourful arrangements of exotic plants including Moth Orchids, Begonias, Hydrangeas, Garvineas, and more.
Wander the indoor floral garden beds and stand back and admire the amazing magnitude of Australia’s largest green wall. The wall, standing at six metres high and stretching across 50 metres is a living watercolour painting, paying poetic homage to the masters of Impressionism.
To complement the display, the area around The Calyx will spring to life with a diverse program of events, performances, workshops and science presentations. See the website for details.

Mrs Macquaries Road

Date: 10:00am to 4:00pm Friday 09 June 2017 (Daily event)

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