New exhibition explores the ancient connection with nature.
Fluidity is body of work by acclaimed artists Catriona Pollard and Karen Visser which applies a fluid perspective to nature and explores form and texture in two very different ways: sculpture using foraged natural materials and photography that paints nature with light.
Both artists believe that often people only see what they want to see: visions that match their fixed beliefs and perspectives and anything that is defined in a limited way is open to transformation. Objects and views are fluid, whether this is discarded branches and vines or spectacular coastline seen through new light.
Fibre artist, Catriona Pollard uses foraged or discarded organic material to weave sculptures that honour and worship the earth beneath the feet and the new growth that can emerge from it.
Photographer, Karen Visser applies a unique perspective of the Northern Beaches coastline through photographic impressionism where she explores the ethereal atmospheric sensitivity within natural environs.

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