Thursday 29 June to Sunday 23 July 2017

Earth features oil paintings by artist Dinah Johanson, based on field studies made in the Blue Mountains, Lanzarote (Canary Islands) and the Himalayas. Johanson’s art is about rocks: volcanoes, chasms, cliffs, lava tubes and scattered tuff are all external markers of the underlying geological forces that have shaped, and continue to shape the earth.
It is evolution from a mineral perspective. Previously Johanson’s art practice depicted erosion and scouring in deserts and solar radiation and meteorite bombardment on the Moon. This new series of work is a continuation of that theme.
Johanson spent many hours training in the Blue Mountains for a trek to Everest Base Camp in 2015 and experienced destruction from seismic activity first hand when she was in Nepal during the devastating earthquake that year. That experience has had a profound effect on the artist, who continually attempts to find a visual depiction of that emotional upheaval.
Please note this exhibition is at the Braemar Gallery which is open Thursday to Sunday 10am to 4pm.

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104 Macquarie Road

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