Wednesday 28 June to Friday 30 June 2017

NAISDA Dance College will share inspirational stories of resilience, preservation and reawakening of cultural heritage, as told by the next generation of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander performers.
Proudly dancing on Darkinjung land, NAISDA is one of eight elite, national training organisations in the performing arts and is at the forefront of shaping Australia’s artistic and cultural talent.
NAISDA’s productions express their commitment to honour the world’s oldest living culture and share knowledge of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Island dance, music, art and history with audiences from around the world.
Speaking to the Future: Their Futures. Their Storying through dance reflects the Storytelling of their heritages.
The past informs choices for a future path, however diverse.
They look to the stars and the stories of elders that helped navigate their choices. They look to the youth and the language they speak to bring relevance to today’s directions.
In whatever your choice, you must acknowledge and honour the past, the elders and their struggles, for without this, you face a spiritually bereft future.

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21 Margaret Street

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