Thursday 29 June to Sunday 23 July 2017

Japanese inkwash painting (Sumi-e or Suiboku-ga) originated from China. Sumi-e is the expression of the essence of the object in the very moment by using Sumi (ink) in black and shades of grey on white paper.
Living in the Blue Mountains, Michiyo Miwa is mesmerised by the rugged beauty of the landscape and what nature presents: stark contrast of light and shadow in one moment, subtle shades of grey in another.
In this exhibition, Michiyo uses the ancient artform of Sumi-e and also imprints eucalyptus leaves and other native plants onto the delicate paper. The works capture the spirit of the ancient Blue Mountains landscape incorporating the sensitivity of Michiyo Miwa’s Japanese heritage.
Open 10am to 4pm, Thursday to Sunday. Free Entry.

For more information:

104 Macquarie Road

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