Saturday 10 June to Sunday 27 August 2017

Everglades Historic House and Gardens will provoke and challenge environmental change by opening its closet to a secret stash of exotic animals.
The Wunderkammer (meaning “closet of secrets”) exhibition of ethically-sourced taxidermied animals by artist Rod McRae consists of 15 portals into what was, what is and what could be.
Each work explores an animal “issue’’ using real preserved animal bodies (taxidermy) to tell their stories including trophy hunting, displacement and poisoning.
However, no animal was harmed to make the artwork and the exhibits were ethically sourced.
A floor talk will be given at the official opening on June 10 by a curator from the Western Plains Cultural Centre. Then, on June 24, Everglades will host a faux fur luncheon with a floor talk by McRae.

For more information:

37 Everglades Avenue

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